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For Wisdom will enter your heart,

and knowledge will be good for your soul.  ~ Proverbs 2:10

Supporting and Celebrating the Trades

The 2:10 Foundation, Inc, is recognized by the Internal Revenue Services as a 501(c)3 organization.

Welcome to The 2:10 Foundation, Inc.  We provide partial and completion scholarships to those students who have a desire to work in the trades.  We also offer scholarships to finish or restart training programs that are required for employment advancement.   

 At The 2:10 Foundation, a high GPA is not required.  We believe that a desire to achieve a goal and a positive, focused attitude will move an individual forward.  With the help of The 2:10 Foundation, funding shortfalls may no longer stand in the way of you completing your education and getting that great job! 

To see if you are eligible to receive funding for your training, click on the Educational Application Scholarship  tab and complete the application.  Scholarships are awarded up to $1,000 per program. 


The 2:10 Foundation also believes there is value in Extra Curricular Activities. For those young students in middle or high school, scholarships are availableup to $200 per program per school year. To see if your child is eligible click on the Extra Curricular Activities tab and complete the form.

 Congratulations on your new start!  We hope we can be a small part of your future success.